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Acupuncture Energetics is the first physician-based practice dedicated to acupuncture in Winston Salem.

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Attentive and Compassionate Care

Within every illness lies the seed of recovery.

At Acupuncture Energetics, our goal is to harness and strengthen your body’s natural healing abilities.  We take a holistic approach to developing a highly personalized treatment plan designed to restore you to health and vitality.

What can acupuncture treat?  We help patients with a wide variety of conditions, including neck and low back pain, shoulder, elbow and knee problems, osteoarthritis, GI disorders, chronic fatigue, immune concerns, musculoskeletal problems, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress-related conditions. 

We offer a variety of therapeutic modalities to meet each patient’s needs, including the Kiiko Matsumoto style of Japanese acupuncture, dry needling, infrared heat therapy, application of diode rings, and electroacupuncture.  Call today for a free consultation, let’s see how we can help you! 


Nourish Yourself

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Overloaded, always on the go, eating on the run? Work, family, and emotional stressors can be exhausting, leaving us overtired and overwhelmed.  Lifestyle factors wear us down, depleting essential energy stores and preventing us from being our best selves.

Our acupuncture treatments address not only physical symptoms, but the emotional and spiritual roots of imbalance.   Take the time to nourish yourself with a deeply relaxing session and experience a renewed sense of harmony, lightness, and buoyancy.   


Needle-Free Balancing Therapy

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Not ready for needles?  Based in the traditions of Chinese Medicine, this therapeutic massage is designed to free and balance the flow of energy through your body.  Restoring your naturally harmonious state will leave you rested, refreshed, and energized.

Myofascial Needling

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At Acupuncture Energetics, we specialize in combining holistic treatments based in Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialized myofascial needling techniques to release tight, sore muscles. 

These treatments are based on structural assessments of body mechanics and Western medical neuroanatomic models of soft-tissue dysfunction.  Myofascial needling can be incorporated into any acupuncture session to relieve restrictions in muscle groups to improve perfusion, reduce pain, and improve mobility.

We have techniques for all areas of the body – shoulders, neck, back, hips, and legs.  Treatments are performed in the same relaxing, spa-like setting as all of our sessions, and are incorporated into a holistic, balancing acupuncture treatment to promote deep and long-lasting healing.

Call for a consult or come in for a visit with us soon!

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Ready to restore emotional balance, improve mobility, and achieve a higher quality of life?

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Suzanne M. Edmunds, MD

Founder, Acupuncture Energetics, PLLC

Suzanne Edmunds, Physician Acupuncturist

In 2019, my life and 25-year career as a Pediatric Critical Care specialist were derailed by a health crisis. For more than a year and a half, my condition declined as doctors grappled to identify the cause of my unusual symptoms.  During that time, I experienced crippling and constant pain.  The simplest chores became daunting challenges; I was barely able to leave my home.

Desperate for relief, I broadened my search for answers.  I became open to healing techniques that I might not normally have pursued, trying Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, and acupuncture.  I was genuinely surprised to find that I experienced something on an energetic level that seemed to have a dramatic impact on my condition.

Initially, I was impressed with the power of acupuncture for relief of my nerve pain, which I can only describe as unrelenting and other-worldly in its intensity.  As time goes on, I have found that lifestyle changes in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with regular application of acupuncture, continue to promote tremendous healing from the devastating neurologic insult I suffered.

Ultimately, I attribute my recovery to a marriage of biomedicine and energy-based therapies.  There is no doubt in my mind that acupuncture has accelerated the pace of my healing.  By living in harmony with my condition, rather than striving to “beat it”, I continue to progress.  My life has become full and productive again- something that seemed impossibly out of reach a few years ago!

What I learned from this experience is that, as it was put to me, “The body stays tidy by hiding the mess”.  The organic failure underlying my symptoms had been brewing for years before the events that abruptly stopped me in my tracks.  A more sensitive communion with my body could have prevented the crisis and the damage that followed.

As a physician acupuncturist, my goal is to help you achieve the success I have experienced with this powerful healing technique, not as an “alternative”, but as an adjunct to your healthcare regimen.  By offering holistic acupuncture treatments, electroacupuncture, and various dry needling techniques, I offer a unique blend of skills to help you regain your resilience, improve your mobility, and achieve a higher quality of life.

What Our Patients Say

“In my brief (6 week) experience with Dr. Edmunds, I went from having a painful and unstable left knee and hip to being pain free. Yes, pain free! I must say, also, that my general well-being has improved. I have less fatigue associated with my long-standing IBD. I look forward to working with Suzanne as she establishes her new practice.”


“I have suffered from chronic back pain and sciatic nerve pain for several years. I met Dr. Edmunds and started acupuncture treatment once a week and was amazed at the results. My pain has substantially decreased. And the real positive thing is I have no need for prescription pain medication.”


“After I had rotator cuff surgery and had finished physical therapy, I still had a lot of stiffness and pain in my neck and shoulder. After my first treatment with Dr. Edmunds, I was pleasantly surprised that my muscles had relaxed and the pain was gone. I will certainly continue maintenance visits.”


“I met Dr Edmunds in our Master Reiki course and was impressed by her intuitive nature. She is so thoughtful when considering my health issues. She has helped me with several physical problems, and I have been pleasantly pleased with the results. Suzanne has a great heart to help others.”